Quality and Artistry in a Name You Can Trust

The vision of The Bradford Exchange Checks Division is to be the trusted provider of unique, innovative and valued personal checks and check accessories and stationery enhanced by distinct artistry and design that will bring joy and happiness to the lives of our customers. One of the cornerstones of this growing business is its ability to bring a wide range of art designs—now over 250 designs available—to our customers whose interests are as varied as pets and grandchildren, baseball and Mickey Mouse, to dragons and gardening.  An equal part of the business equation is the value that the company is able to offer by providing our customers with personal checks at half of the cost of bank checks, as well as the convenience of being able to order by phone, online and with fast delivery options.

Marketing is a central element to this business, and along with the right product and the right price, the business seeks to find the best way to reach our customer with all we have to offer.   The company’s years of marketing and media savvy have paid dividends in this regard, and this division’s willingness to try new channels and pursue new opportunities has led to increased growth as well.

Of course, nothing can really equal the trust that a customer places in your name, and from the very beginning the company’s customer research confirmed that The Bradford Exchange was a highly trusted brand and that our Checks Division could truly fulfill a customer need.  Today, this customer trust and loyalty inspire our business to continue to find ways to deliver new quality products that resonate emotionally with the customer, and to do it at the best possible value, with the greatest customer convenience in mind.



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