“Unique, creative, ever-challenging, collaborative, and inspiring are words to me that best describe Bradford. Thought, detail, effort, teamwork go into each and every one of the products that are delivered to our customers' very own doorstep. It is satisfying and awe-inspiring to know that we are the creators behind products that bring joy to people's lives every day.”
- Creative Director

“Working at Bradford: it's not just a job, it's a career. Every day I have the opportunity to come into work, be presented with new challenges, expand my skill set, and make a meaningful impact to the organization. I find it very rewarding.”
- Senior Marketing Manager

“One of the greatest feelings in product development at Bradford is seeing your original idea come to life as a new and successful product and knowing that you pulled it through every step of the way.”
- Creative Director

Our Formula…

        Advanced Marketing

                    + Innovative Product Development
                               = Proven Success


The Bradford Group’s Marketing teams possess a vast collective wealth of knowledge regarding sophisticated segmentation techniques, expert analysis and creative strategies that optimize every promotion we present to our customers. Our Marketing professionals are exceptional team players who collaborate daily with Product Developers, Advertising Designers, and Copywriters, and other individuals to develop, manage, and analyze all direct marketing strategies and campaigns, including new and series continuation offers.

The marketing channels we use range from direct mail, catalog, space and alternative media, to search engine marketing and optimization, pay-per-click, affiliates and portals, email marketing, comparison shopping sites, and social media. Our e-commerce site, www.bradfordexchange.com, is a natural extension of our direct marketing business that has enabled us to apply knowledge from our offline successes and achieve even greater customer contact and response. Constantly innovating, the Bradford Group’s Marketers stay abreast of the latest marketing techniques and channels in order to maintain our position as an industry leader.

Product Development

Product Developers at the Bradford Group are passionate about creating new product forms and bringing affordable art to our customers. They possess a unique balance of both creative and analytical abilities, constantly researching and weighing information about market trends–what has worked in the past and what’s new in the marketplace–and then adding their own design skills to create something special, appealing and unique to our customers. Product Developers develop and present new product concepts and provide art direction to our Product Designers in order to execute their product ideas. Product Developers also establish a strong understanding of product manufacturing that enables them to gain access to the latest production techniques and materials, and effectively manage production costs. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Product Developer at the Bradford Group is having the opportunity to work with well-known artists and licensed properties.

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