Product Development

Product Developers at the Bradford Group are passionate about creating new product forms and bringing affordable art to our customers. They possess a unique balance of both creative and analytical abilities, constantly researching and weighing information about market trends – what has worked in the past and what’s new in the marketplace – and then adding their own design skills to create something special, appealing and unique to our customers. Product Developers develop, write, and present new product concepts and provide art direction to our Product and Advertising Designers in order to execute their product ideas. Product Developers also establish a strong understanding of product manufacturing that enables them to gain access to the latest production techniques and materials and effectively manage production costs. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Product Developer at the Bradford Group is having the opportunity to work with well-known artists and licensed properties.

“I love ‘giving birth (ICKY VISUAL!)’ to beautiful collectibles. The Bradford Group is a great company that provides jobs in the creative arts.”
Senior Product Development Manager
Bradford Exchange - Holiday

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