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Critical Thinkers, Innovators, Creators, and Owners

At the Bradford Group, we take great pride in our position as a world leader in the direct to consumer marketing industry. Headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, what was once a business dedicated to collectible plates has now grown into a close-knit family of businesses offering collectibles, jewelry, apparel, home décor and other inspiring products to our valued customers. In our continued pursuit of excellence, we seek to attract talented and driven individuals who share our passion and are committed to working to build our company’s future success.

How We Do It

Employees at the Bradford Group are our most valued assets, and their intuition, inspiration, and innovation have enabled us to achieve world leader status in our industry. Understanding our customers’ needs goes beyond understanding simply who they are, what they have purchased from us and the expectations they have of our good service. It requires more depth and understanding. Through experience, research, customer contact and post-marketing analysis, we have gained invaluable insights that contribute to our continued success.

• We understand what drives people emotionally.
• We know how to transform that knowledge into products with broad appeal.
• We know how to innovate and develop new ideas.
• We know how to build on our past successes to create inspiring products for the future.
• We understand how to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our valued customers.

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