The Ashton-Drake Galleries

Bringing You Dolls of Irresistible Value

The Ashton-Drake Galleries has become an influential force in the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality dolls. They are recognized internationally for creating baby and child dolls, bride dolls, celebrity dolls and Teddy Bears of distinctive artistry and design that enrich the lives of collectors. Behind this division’s success is nothing less than a re-invention of the doll industry, creating incredible lifelike dolls that connect emotionally with our customer, and selling them at very affordable prices. The evidence of their success can be seen in the numerous awards that Ashton-Drake Galleries dolls have won, with nine DOTY (Doll of the Year) awards sponsored by Doll Reader Magazine, eight Golden Teddy or TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year) awards and many, many more.

The Ashton-Drake Galleries’ offerings include creations from some of the most highly sought-after doll artists in the industry, strictly limited-edition dolls, and dolls in some very special niches—like our fantasy dolls, cultural dolls, and even baby orangutans. The Galleries’ leadership presence in the market has also helped them attract some of the most important licensed properties in the business, and Disney, Elvis, Hannah Montana, Lucille Ball, Major League Baseball and NASCAR dolls—to name just a few—have improved their strong market position.

Today, The Ashton-Drake Galleries continue to explore new ways to reach passionate doll collectors and captivate new collectors. While still creating exquisite porcelain dolls in the tradition of the finest European doll makers, The Ashton-Drake Galleries has also crafted a patented line of amazingly lifelike So Truly Real® dolls, Hold That Pose!™ dolls with infinite range of motion, and a touch-activated doll that will clutch your finger. The Galleries will continue to count on its extensive international resources—the most highly acclaimed doll artists and designers, the most sought after licensors, and the finest artisans and manufacturers—to stay a dominant player in the field and number one in the heart of its customers.



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