Our Values

As a world leader in direct to consumer marketing and product development, the Bradford Group operates under a set of fundamental values that lie at the heart of our corporate vision and in our daily conduct of business:

Honesty – We will be honest in all our dealings with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Fairness – We will be fair in all our dealings with customers, employees and suppliers.

Respect – We will treat our customers, fellow employees and suppliers as we would like to be treated.

Continuous Learning – We will be dedicated to continuous discovery and learning so that we are always improving the way we conduct our business.

Innovation – We will seek to always produce better products and services for our customers and to find better ways to conduct our business.

Teamwork – We will work as individuals and as a team for the betterment of the entire company.

Excellence – We will seek excellence by thoroughly understanding all of the aspects and details of our business and dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement from that knowledge.


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